The serene little cove of Vienna beach or Krios lake beach is accessible only on foot from Krios beach and by boat.
The path is an easy one and it takes around 30 minutes each way.
Vienna used to be a Hellenistic/Roman sanctuary and safe harbor.
There are a few ancient marble columns scattered around the beach and underwater.
It is a very quiet place with shallow waters and resembles a lake.
Vienna doesn’t feature an organized beach.
Unfortunately, there is only one tree for shade.
Vienna is located on the European footpath E4 that links Paleochora and Elafonissi.
The hike is beautiful and relatively easy.
It takes around 3 to 4 hours each way.




The adjacent beaches are shaped on the sides of a small peninsula, with fine pebbles and crystal clear deep waters, ideal for snorkeling.

How to get to Vienna beach

Hiking from Krios beach via the E4 path.
Estimated time (one-way) is approx 30 min.
Or by boat. We suggest Paleochora Boat trip and Fishing.

  • Access By Boat/foot by Krios (30 min hiking)
  • Beach Type Sand, small Pebbles
  • Depth Shallow
  • Temperature Normal
  • Organised No. Absolutely secluded
  • Crowded No
  • Natural Shade Little
  • Windy No. Extremely protected
  • Nudism-friendly Yes

Paleochora Boat trip and fishing

Combine a visit to Vienna beach by boat with a fishing boat trip.